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Boom to Bust and What do we do now ?

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Well all the news is about the economy and the financial crisis in the U.S.A. We are experiencing our own “meltdown” with the long predicted bubble bursting in the property sector. The government is experiencing a significant decline in revenue and according to the papers is to cut €1.5 billion in spending which is a heck of a slash. Generally I think they are making a panic reaction and are likely to make the recession worst and not better. Now is not the time to shed loads of staff from the public sector as this will add to the dole queues and will add to the negative feeling that grips the country. The government hasn’t prepared for the boom to end despite the fact that the property boom couldn’t last forever. Ok this all history now and we’re stuck, where do we go from here ?

My idea is that now is the time to raid the pension fund they are currently investing in Asia – Pacific and invest the money here and there is loads of work to be done, motorways to be built .. there really isn’t any ( well ok … Dublin to Portlaois ), railways that desperately need to be upgraded and all other forms of public transport. They could build a underground for Dublin and put trams into Cork and Limerick.

It would be a boost for the construction sector and would put the wheels turning again rather than starting a vicious circle.

Something has to be done about the competitiveness of Ireland and why goods sold here are so much more expensive than elsewhere. Also government charges for services water etc… seem to go up by at least 100 %, this needs to be sorted out. I think that Ireland faces a lot more competiton in the future, but if we start to put our house in order we’ll weather the storm. A good start would be to put the price tags back on goods sold in the shops.


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September 30, 2008 at 12:28 am

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Who’s reading your email ?

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Or how the state listens in on your computer.

This is a topic of an interest of mine and I have wanted to put up a post on it for some time. Not many people realise that the State can “tap” your computer and record all your going’s on. A brief explanation of how the Internet works and why it is a unsecure medium is required.

As you can gather, the Internet is a series of interconnected networks (this is done by using standard communication protocols). The Internet works by breaking down files into packets which contain both the sender and recipients Internet Protocol (I.P) addresses. These packets are then moved around by specialised computers called Routers which determine the most appropriate route. Your data passes through a number of third party routers, all of which have the potenial to read your data. A computer which is set up to intercept data is know as a packet sniffer. These can be programmed to intercept traffic from certain users etc..

A Packet sniffer located at your ISP would be able to monitor all of your online activities such as

  • What websites you visit.
  • What you look at.
  • Where you send email and what is in the email.
  • What you download.
  • Who visits your site.
  • Other forms of internet communications such as instant messaging, internet phone calls etc..

The most famous Packet Sniffer is one developed by the F.B.I called Carnivore and the later version called Omnivore. This system is configured with the suspect’s IP address, it intercepts and copies all data coming from and to the suspect’s computer.

Interesting sources of information are

more to follow…

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September 29, 2008 at 1:58 am


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September 24, 2008 at 11:26 pm

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Sunday Independent publishes Anti-Irish letter.

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The world does not love the Irish.

Here’s the letter in the Sunday Independent.

Sunday September 21 2008

Sir — With reference to Brendan O Connor’s page one article: ‘No More Mr (Irish) Nice Guy’ (Sunday Independent, September 14, 2008), Mr Paddy, sorry for disappointing you, but, no, not everyone likes you.

As a matter of fact, it is pretty amazing how disliked the Irish are.

Of course, this is not said aloud as it is not politically correct. (French and German are the only two nationalities one can hate openly). Anyway as I was saying, keep dreaming.

The great craic: where, when, how, who?

Did I miss anything these last few-odd years? I never see any craic with the Paddies. I agree, you sincerely believe you’ve got it, but noooooooo, wrong again. Only when you’re binge-drinking do you dare open your mouth. And then, it is to talk total rubbish. You are loud, that’s for sure. Well, one is Irish, so, one must pretend to be enjoying oneself. The usual topic is — God, we are great!!!! Everybody loves us. (Please God, let it be true!).

Your accent? Well, first of all, like in any country, there are different accents. But again, no, no, no, no — the Irish accent is vile! Last month, I was in Ireland for a week. As soon as I arrived in Dublin and was surrounded by that awful noise coming out of the mouths around me, I wondered how would I be able to last that long. For sure, to wake up next to someone with such an accent must be some climax!

It is a fact that the Irish are totally ignorant regarding the cultures of thousands of beautiful countries and regions all over the world. Most of those cultures include story-telling, playing music, singing. But , again, silly us, we forgot, only the Irish sing and play music …. How many times do you want to hear the boooooooring Danny song?

So Mr Ed, I’ve been married to an Irishman for 32 years. I know the Irish history (I made sure I read the books), I know what Ireland was like 30 years ago, I know the mentality of the Irish, I know everything about you all. And it is not very pretty.

The chip on the shoulder? Well, you have one on each shoulder, for balance. And that stops you from rising up. You see the other nationalities, (let’s take the French and the German you hate so much) they are very secure about themselves and they are bloody right about it. So, they don’t care what anybody thinks about them. I am French (ho la la, a frog!) and the one thing I am proud of is that in France, unlike in Ireland, we are very curious about other nationalities.

My origins are in Brittany. Brittany — where people do not like the Irish. Why? Because you are ignorant. You are the ones who are not interested in other cultures. The Scottish and the Welsh are loved in Brittany, Why? Because they are interested in all those people coming to the festivals from all over the world to introduce us to their culture. But you? Forget it.

Even when it comes to business in France, you are known as not trustworthy. A lot of bullshit, yes!

When I was in sales in London, the Irish clients were the easiest to get. Why? Just telling them, “I am married to an Irishman” was sufficient to get the ?. They all thought they were loved. Idiots! Sometimes I even found it too easy.

I have a friend who is the director of a recruitment agency for hotel industry management. Well, guess what? Irish women are the most difficult to place. Why? Because they are vile. They believe that being a good manager is to bully people. Very Irish!

Irish friends? No, it does not exist. I am not saying there are no nice Irish people. But friendship can be difficult among people who begrudge the success of their neighbour. (Don’t deny it, even the Irish say it themselves). For whatever reason, you are obsessed with money. In France, we consider it vulgar to talk about money.

So, to your last comment, that everybody likes you when you are rich, let me tell you something. No matter what, Paddy, and don’t forget it, no amount of money will hide the smell of dung which will always stick to your magnificent boots wherever you’ll go.

And next time, don’t mix up “patronising you” with “liking you”.

A nationality is just an accident of birth, which means that when people say, for example: “I am proud of being Irish”, it is an absurdity. We do nothing in order to have a nationality. And to be proud of something, you must achieve something, work at it, like when you succeed at your exams.

But for sure, I am very happy to be French. Thank God for that accident of birth. How awful to think I could have been born Irish! Italian, Spanish, yes. But Irish! And maybe that is why deep down you’re so afraid of not being liked. You realise yourself how pathetic you are.

As for the accent of my husband, he has a great musical ear, and maybe that is why he has hardly any Irish accent. Lucky me!

Anyway, keep dreaming.

PS: All the people I know from Italy, France, Poland, etc are French, Italian, Polish. Nobody calls himself/herself European. Nobody.

Name and address with Editor

Need I say more ?

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September 21, 2008 at 11:32 am

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The Good News.

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Finally there is some good news this week, at last the weather is beginning to clear up and my ” favourite ” party the Progressive Democrats is closing down. I nearly wept with joy on hearing the news, Ireland has so much to thank the PD’s for

  • all those tax cuts for the rich and the better off.
  • the bimbo immigration policy.
  • all those extra powers given to the police.
  • the stealth privatisation of the health service.

Of late the PD’s did little more than carry the can for all the unpopular policies of the fianna fail led government. Now with their timely demise Fianna fail will be without their ” whipping boy ” and looking to the greens to take their place.

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September 21, 2008 at 11:11 am

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Lisbon Treaty and why we voted No.

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There has been some amazing analysis from the Government during the week, apparently they reckon the main reason people voted No was the fact that they didn’t understand the treaty. Now they needed consultants to tell them this !!

Despite the illegibility of the treaty been made apparent from the outset the Government think they have a excuse to rerun the same treaty. Here’s my take on why Ireland voted No on June 12.

1. A hard fact here for the Yes side is that they lost all the debates and thats despite the highly biased nature of many of them.

2. The Government’s attempt to force a Yes vote got a lot of peoples back up and they frankly did the opposite of what the Government wanted.

3. A vote for No surprises, our beloved leaders didn’t get the blank cheque they wanted.

There isn’t any valid reason why Lisbon should get a rerun except of course to do as Mr Sarkozy tells us.

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September 14, 2008 at 12:45 am

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