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2FM Colm & Jim Jim/ Liar Liar Breakfast show.

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Temper temper there lads, loud music all morning tut tut..  whatever will people think ? I thought the lady above might brighten up the post a bit. As well as jogging people’s memory back to July/August what racy shows you had on them.

At this stage the boys must feel so used. What a pair of chumps !!

By the way your my most popular post. I noticed how silent they became when asked to stand up all the stuff they put out, not a word to back it up. So anytime your ready lads, I’m waiting !!


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November 28, 2008 at 7:46 am

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Went to see this film Wednesday night and it was quiet a good film. It isn’t a film to lift your spirits or in any escapist especially with all the brown stuff on the walls, ooh dear. It’s gritty, brutal and realistic you will definitely leave the cinema quiet. I posted the trailer and a review from the Times Online below. Both the actor Michael Fassbender and the director Steve McQueen should get a Oscar or least nominated for one.

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November 21, 2008 at 11:28 am

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Boom to Bust II /Operation “Bail out Fat Cats”.

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Just noticed some of the debates on the financial crisis on the t.v, RTE’s Prime time & Ireland Am. All seem to be of the view that we have to ” recapitalize the financial institutions ” with the money from the pension fund.

Many business are complaining of a credit crisis ( which is not uncommon during a recession) and expect the banks to be a lot more ready to dole out taxpayer’s money. On Ireland Am they had Jill Kirby saying that we couldn’t expect shareholders in banks to take the loss !! Now I remember once having a dabble in stocks & shares with a company called Eircom ok I invested the princely sum of £500 but I ended up really getting burned when Valenina compulsory purchased the shares. I got about £160 back of the £500 put in, there’s a man who will not be dabbling in stocks & shares in any hurry. Are former shareholders in eircom any different from bank shareholders ? Who do I send the writ to ? It should be possible to lend banks money but they would have to repay it with interest of course.  Don’t think financial institutions should expect to make record profits and everyone else to bail them out when they don’t.

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November 21, 2008 at 11:00 am

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More on 2fm’s Colm and Jim Jim/Liar Liar Breakfast show.

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Still no satisfaction from that pair of sewer rats, after all the stuff these guys put out, notice how quiet they become when asked to stand it up. I mean they had months for their friends in the Gestapo to cook something up, surely they hardly need anymore time ? You know I heard that these two are sexual peverts too, into all sorts of weird stuff. Now ” Put Up Or Shut up ” I am sick of your innuendo, you pair of pricks.

Normally I wouldn’t make it so personal but for these two I’ll make an exception.

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November 16, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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The 2FM Liar Liar Breakfast Show.

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Day 5

These pair of idiots have become silent, asked to stand up all the stuff they put out and nothing happens. Maybe it is a admission of guilt or just they are plain yellow. Don’t think you will be much good to the special branch in the future lads !!

Your having to take some “stick” here !!

I have wanted to have a go at these two mental retards (Beavis & Butthead) for some time especially for putting out the stuff they did.

These guys seemingly haven’t got the sense to stop so here is what I say how about you “put up or shut up , you know my name (the pen-name will do also) why not name me and all the stuff you say I have done or whatever and see if I sue.

By the way I think your show should be classified as noise pollution its so bad  !! Really I see they gave you a tv show as well probably a reward for the death threats you seem to give out, remember the towel wrap around the head stuff you put that out and i’m still here.

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November 9, 2008 at 5:47 am

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More on the surveillance society.

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Just noticed this article in the Irish Times Friday 7th


Garda Commissioner Facthtna Murphy is requesting that mobile operators keep tract of all their customers web browsing not only a record of what websites are visited but a record of the content as well  ! ? ! for possible future criminal investigations ? !! .

Now what do you make of this ?

Generally this is the stuff of George Orwell and the Minstry of Truth (main stream media these days). Apparently the only operator contacted so far is Vodafone, which i find (maybe not) surprising considering the fact who my mobile is with. I remember trying the mobile broadband last year and I had to take it back as the unit didn’t work with Vista so I tried the 3G modem on my N70 that worked all right but really was slower than a dial-up ( by the way I don’t recommend that you use 3G modem on your handset as I got charged 8-12 c/kb so got quiet a alarming bill just for checking my email for a month !) Anyway I got proper broadband installed.

Can’t say that I am in agreement with giving the Police any extra powers and believe that the E.U should be told to stuff their data directive in the you know where.

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November 8, 2008 at 12:50 pm

USA Election 2008.

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There you have it Barack Obama has won the race to the White house with his 364 electoral college votes to John McCain’s 162, popular vote was Obama  to McCain’s  and I’m not exactly certain if that is the right figure.

Well does this election victory for Barack Obama mean ? A more insular America ? A reformed healthcare system, that is desparately needed, Foreign policy a big one what happens here. Don’t think they will be as many changes as people might expect but only time will tell.

Anyway its a relief that it is over is it not ?

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November 5, 2008 at 3:50 am

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