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Just noticed this article in the Irish Times Friday 7th


Garda Commissioner Facthtna Murphy is requesting that mobile operators keep tract of all their customers web browsing not only a record of what websites are visited but a record of the content as well  ! ? ! for possible future criminal investigations ? !! .

Now what do you make of this ?

Generally this is the stuff of George Orwell and the Minstry of Truth (main stream media these days). Apparently the only operator contacted so far is Vodafone, which i find (maybe not) surprising considering the fact who my mobile is with. I remember trying the mobile broadband last year and I had to take it back as the unit didn’t work with Vista so I tried the 3G modem on my N70 that worked all right but really was slower than a dial-up ( by the way I don’t recommend that you use 3G modem on your handset as I got charged 8-12 c/kb so got quiet a alarming bill just for checking my email for a month !) Anyway I got proper broadband installed.

Can’t say that I am in agreement with giving the Police any extra powers and believe that the E.U should be told to stuff their data directive in the you know where.


Written by ferdia2010

November 8, 2008 at 12:50 pm

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