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Just decided to write on the goings on of the last few months. It’s been quite a experience, I would describe it as severe. I once to see light at the end somehow I could be wrong, very wrong. Took quite a ” battering ” from the establishment, all started in July a radio broadcast saying  that “2012”  was whatever and that I downloaded “snuff ” (untrue) movies from the internet and that I smell (saying that I didn’t wash- also untrue). On and on it went without anyout questions from the media , death threats etc. Thought it was nearly over but they couldn’t let me go. Despite all I did for some people, they of course didn’t say a word in my defence but just wanted to use someone like all the rest. It’s been a long fight and generally all I seem to lack according to the spin put out by the media is two horns and a tail. Maybe they should work on that too. I have really learned alot from this but the one thing I can’t get over is the way they blame me for everything, these guys at the top don’t take much responsibilty and really is their fault. They had to try and pull a fast one if they didn’t this mess wouldn’t have happened.


Written by ferdia2010

February 1, 2009 at 8:00 am

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