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The unemployment rate continues to rise, there is now 327,000 people out of work in the country and the figure is expected to rise  to 400,000 by the end of the year. What actions are we (the people) expecting the Government to take to alleviate the crisis ? Generally I think the Government are panicking and steering the country into a steep reccession. I would take a gamble (that’s me !) that the outlook will be better in 2010 and borrow what the negative balance is for this year and review the situation at the year’s end. We need to get the revenues growing again and what I suggest is that

  • Bring back the scrap-age scheme for cars eight years or more (they are doing this in Germany ).
  • Reintroduce the first time buyer’s grant for a limited period say a grant of €10,000- € 15,000 just to get people buying again.
  • Tax Shell, no reason not to do this.
  • Use the remainder of the pension fund to build motorways, improve public transport, build extra hospitals not subside private ones.
  • Encourage people to start their own business/enterprises.

That’s a few of my idea’s, maybe they might not be many ” Irish beggars ” on foreign streets if we tried to help ourselves.


Written by ferdia2010

February 6, 2009 at 12:55 am

Posted in Ireland Economy

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