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Just noticed this evening, rather odd reporting on TV 3 news and on six one the previous evening, the reporters on tv 3 were making comments that really didn’t fit in with their reports like ahem ” Black hole in the finances of the country ” and there was numerous others. In fairness one reporter was nearly in tears, obviously being made to put out stuff she didn’t want to. As for the guy on RTE, ooh dear the less said the better. At this stage I get the feeling that they are going to come at me again, they are slowly working towards it. The build up has started, I wonder what they are coming up with this time, I don’t think they can use the illegal download stuff this time, so what is it ? Everyone knows they tried to stick child porn on the visa at christmas so I don’t think anyone will believe it now. This government is getting desperate and looks little more than collection of thugs with all the threats they are making. I wonder how all of this will end ? Make a great book this, will it make it into history you never know.


Written by ferdia2010

February 10, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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