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Is MI5 involved in Northern Killings ?

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Following the sudden outbreak of violence after nearly 12 years in the North. Isn’t it time that some proper analysis is given rather than the tripe (dire propaganda) that is trotted out to fool the masses. The ” Real IRA ” has been largely dormant and its unusual that it should strike now of all times. This particular movement has a reputation for having a high number of “informers” in it’s ranks and there is little they could do without the “security forces” knowing. They must also have become capable of wire-tapping British army barracks which is hardly credible.

Take the actual attack and the amount of  ammo used, it’s like the “attackers” didn’t want to do it in comparison to the attack the following night (one round). Now let me give my take on the matter, what if MI5’s real target doesn’t even live in the north, they want this person elimanted for a number of reasons but are fearful of any possible retaliation on themselves or their political masters so their solution is to get somebody else to do it. Someone else saw what they are doing and sent a message back and what would happen. It’s far from over.


Written by ferdia2010

March 16, 2009 at 2:21 am

Posted in Ireland Political

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