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Survey says employee’s amongst worse in world for “Sticky Fingers “.

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According to the English Retail Research centre (as published by English Times  November ), irish employee’s are rated the most light fingered in Europe. The centre estimates that nearly 40% of all missing goods are taken by employee’s. The english are know for their honesty i’m sure.

Ireland however is ranked only  in actual shoplifting, you can find out who took that record here- World News. It’s good that we didn’t come first for that as well !! The poor state of the economy as well as low wages and the general malaise if politicians and solicitors can do it so can we mentality.

Don’t think it is good for the country to have a record like that, it could effect investment by foreign companies, employment and so on.

Do you think this report is justified are other nations more honest than the Irish or the Irish dishonest ??

Or is it a piece of “paddy-bashing”  by an English newspaper ???


Written by ferdia2010

November 29, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Posted in Economy

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