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Willie O’Dea gets into trouble …

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Our own local minster has been making the news of late and not for good reasons. He has become a cropper in a defamation case involving a Maurice Quinlivan of Sinn Fein. You would think that Mr O’ Dea would have know better especially after the incidence in a Limerick pub but apparently not.

Mr Quinlivan successfully took a action for defamation against Mr O’ Dea over a claim that the former kept a brothel in a premises he owned, O Dea subsequently denied the claim ( made in his affidavit ) but had given a taped interview to a journalist from the Limerick leader which proved Mr Quinlivan case. The settlement made is unknown but it didn’t stop there for Mr O’Dea with accusations of perjury being made in the Dail. Mr O’Dea battled on during the week but eventually was made to “fall on his sword” – resign by the greens. This surely consigns O’Dea to the backbenches for the rest of his political career. Limerick has also lost out as it is now without a minster at the cabinet table.

You can hear the Willie O’Dea interview over at the Irish Examiner website , there is references to the Northern Bank robbery (setup), bank robberies in general,kidnappings, people being shot and two ladies of the night living down at Clancy Strand.

I guess that Willie O’Dea  and his below the belt electioneering has only himself to blame, pity the Government won’t quit as well .


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February 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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Musings …

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Had a bout of the flu over the last two weeks, christ it was the worse bout,  I have got in a while. Cough-cough, sputter, sputter, headaches, sore throat, and where’s the paracetamol. I must have taken boxes of the stuff at this stage and the cough remedy as well . Hopefully won’t get one like that for sometime. One wonders if it is the swine flu doing the rounds but who knows.

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February 14, 2010 at 10:04 pm

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