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Controversial club in Moyross recruits for the British Army.

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Just noticed of late a “slight” controversy over a Jobs club in Limerick sending a letter to its unemployed members advising them that the “Royal Irish Army” – I presume they meant the “Royal Irish Regiment” was recruiting and that a variety of careers were on offer. I wonder which one’s don’t involve being shot at !! It certainly a strange tact for a state body to come out with- basically recruiting for a foreign army. I say it is done on a very doubtful legal basis. I wonder what happens if someone gets killed ? Where would the jobs club stand them, recruiting for a foreign army and a war that this country has no involvement in.

It smacks of anything to get rid of people even if there is a possibility of them being killed. So long as they don’t ask why this country is being ran so badly ? Why can’t these people join the Irish army ?

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Written by ferdia2010

April 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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